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Subject: Farm Education I grew up in the city, but had to move to the country with my
grandpa when my parents passed away. I was only 14 and it was hard at
first. My grandpa was cool. He was 57, 5'9, 155 pounds, slim build,
strong farmers arms, and close-cropped salt and pepper hair. He had a
slender face with sharp angles and thin salt and pepper moustache that he
trimmed meticulously. He had old fashioned spectacles that framed his face
in a kindly model pre nu loli manner. Grandpa dressed the same everyday for work on his farm
in northern Nebraska. He wore old cowboy boots, tight jeans, metal-snapped
western shirts, and a battered cowboy hat. Grandpa bought me similar
clothes. I was about 5'7, 145 pounds soaking wet, with short brown hair
and blue eyes. Grandpa Earl doted on me and was respectful of my privacy while
dealing with my parents passing. He gave me my own room and he stayed in
his room alone, seeing as how he was a widower. I slowly learned to help
out around the farm, which was mainly a dairy farm with a few crops.
Grandpa Earl didn't talk much, which kept with his strong Scandinavian
background. When school let out for the summer, he told me it was time to
get a real education around the farm. I learned all the basic chores and
was surprise one day when he said that it was time to get the dogs bred.
Grandpa Earl raised and sold several breeds of dog to locals, hunters,
cattlemen, etc. He said a man was coming in with some stud dogs and I
needed to learn the business of dog breeding. I was a nudist lolitas top sites bit grossed out, but
what the heck. When the man arrived, he unloaded a male border collie and grandpa
had me pen up the females that were in heat. The man index lolitas nude gallery was very handsome,
silver-haired, mid 60s, tall and lanky. And, he had a rather stout bulge
in his jeans that I had to try to not stare at. I watched in incredible
fascination as the male immediately sniffed at one of the females and
mounted her. It happened so fast, I was in a daze. The dog just started
frantically humping the female with fast, furious strokes. My jaw dropped
in fascination. I had never seen anything having sex before! "Damn Earl, ain't the boy never seen a good fuck before?" chortled
the old man. Horrified, I looked down and saw that I had sprung a boy boner in
my jeans. My 5-inch boy cock was pressed outward in my brand new, white
Fruit of the Loom underpants. Grandpa Earl chuckled with laughter and the older man laughed along
with him. I turned red with embarrassment and tried to put my hands in
front of my swollen trousers. "Boy, time for you to learn the facts of life...and maybe have a
little fun learnin' too!" grinned Grandpa Earl. He shot a wink at the
older man (Carl). We moved to the milking barn and Grandpa Earl and Mr. Carl had
devious looks on their faces. "Boy, here's how loli kds incest top it works. You use your dick in a woman's pussy
and shoot your jism, that's the white stuff that comes out of your cock.
Your sperm then meets an egg and you get a baby. Now, seeing as how you
are a boy, you ain't ready for no woman! You need to practice first. By
that, I mean you better know how to get fucked and take a man's cock before
you can fuck a woman. Then you'll learn what respect for women is."I watched in rapt fascination as Carl took of his shirt and t-shirt. Then,
he unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. My eyes grew wide as I
wanted to see his adult penis. I had never seen an adult dick before, only
my fat little 5-incher. Carl pulled his jeans down and stood there in just
his JC Penny white briefs. He had a fat, round bulge where his cockhead
was and a broad outline of his scrotum. He shucked his briefs to his
ankles and out flopped a big cock! I swallowed hard as his cock began to
grow and he fondled it with a large calloused hand. It was about 3 inches
long, soft and thick. The old man used his hand to roll back his foreskin
and his fat plum popped free of the thick, wrinkly skin. Clear stuff
dripped from the slit as he masturbated to full erection. "Boy, Carl here index lolitas nude gallery has a good 7 inch member. That's a bit bigger than
average, but he's also pretty darn thick with a fat knob on the end. He's
got a set of bull nuts that any man would be proud of for sure. Now, Carl
is going to breed me and you just watch and learn boy. You're gonna love
this." I watched anxiously as Grandpa flipped Carl a small package. Carl
opened it and rolled a rubber (as Grandpa called it) down his shaft. It
looked so tight on his fat shaft that I thought it would break. I
gleefully turned to watch Grandpa Earl shed his work clothes. I stared
doe-eyed as Grandpa Earl unbuckled his jeans and dropped them to his
ankles. The bulge in his white Hanes jockey briefs was impressive to say
the least. I cringed a bit, but smiled when he put his thumbs forum board lolicon 3d in the
waistband and grinned. Grandpa Earl bent over a bit as he pulled down his
briefs, like a man getting undressed at the gym. His cock swung free and
it was about 5 inches soft. It had a veined shaft and a wide plum hidden
beneath two layers of foreskin. He had very young petite lolitas
a thick outer layer and a soft
inner layer that clung to his purple knob Grandpa took a tube of lubricant from a shelf and began rubbing
some on his backside and then bent over a sawhorse in the middle of the
barn. Mr. Carl walked up behind Grandpa with his cock in hand and pressed
his hard shaft into Grandpa's rear end. Grandpa moaned with pleasure as
Mr. Carl worked all 7 inches inside. I watched as the shaft sank deeper
and deeper. Then, Mr. Carl began to hump his dick into my grandpa over and
over. Soon, both older men were sweating from exertion and I leaned in to
watch from up close. Mr. Carl's thick shaft was a blur and his heavy balls
flopped to and fro with every thrust. He had a lot of gray and black pubic
hair too. I had a painfully hard boner in my jockeys and jeans. Grandpa
Earl let loose with urgent and progressively louder moans ands grunts. "Unnnngh.....ohhhhhhhhhhhh.....ho....ho....unghhhhhhhhh........
argh.......mmmmphhhhhhhhh.....damn Carl...............
unghhhhhhh..............breed me hard Carl," grunted my
grandpa. Grandpa Earl turned his head and grinned and winked at me as I
tried to adjust my boy cock. "Got a boner boy? Well, just yank down those jeans and your
tightey-whities and let's see what you've got in there, ok?" I nodded and dropped my jeans to reveal a short fat bulge in my
white underpants. I stripped those down too and out sprung my boy boner.
My cock knob is bright purple and looks like a mushroom. It sits on top of
a stout little 5 inches of boy peter. I'm real proud of my thatch of pubic
hair above my peter, but my small balls only have a light coating of hair.
A little drop of precum had formed in my slit, but was tiny compared to the
long syrupy strands of precum oozing from Grandpa Earl's puckered foreskin. "Carl, check out my grandson's stiff little petter," giggled
Grandpa Earl. Carl responded, "Ungh....ummmph.....yeah Earl, nice cock on the bust a nut Earl....OOOOHHHH" I watched as Carl gave a few quick hard upward thrusts and his
balls appeared to pull up real tight in his big scrotum. Carl bellowed
like a bull as he filled the rubber with his white stuff. He slumped over
the back of Grandpa and panted like a man finishing a marathon. Sweat
poured off his body, but he looked so happy. Grandpa's mature body
glistened with sweat and his chest heaved from getting bred. His cock had
gotten a bit harder than when it emerged from his jockey shorts. "Carl, pull your hardon out and show the boy what real man cum
looks like. Boy, get over here and put out your hand." Carl pulled out of Grandpa Earl's rear end with a wet sound and the
end of the rubber was drooping down and filled with milk or something. He
shimmied the rubber off ukrainen lolitas legal photos his deflating shaft. His cock was softening and
the big knob had hidden inside his thick foreskin and his big bull balls
had relaxed in their sac and hung halfway to his knobby knees. Carl
upended the condom over my palm and a bunch of sticky white stuff flowed
out onto my hand. I ran my finger through it until Grandpa Earl ordered me
to lick it up. I gingerly flicked my tongue at it and it tasted so cool!
I eagerly lapped up the salty, but sweet milk until my palm was clean.
Grandpa and Carl cheered and urged me on. By now, my boner was painful and
strands of clear precum were drooling into the dirt. "Ok boy, now you need to learn to fuck like a man....and get fucked
like one too!" chortled Grandpa who opened another rubber package. He
rolled the condom over my thick knob and down to my little thatch of pubic
hair. It felt firm and warm as my boy peter throbbed inside the latex
condom. I moved into position and looked down at grandpa's butt. The
opening glistened with lubricant and I lined up my rubber-clad boner with
his hole. I felt a rush of warmness as I hunched my boner into grandpa's
eager rear end. It was so warm and wet and tight I just started humping
away. My cock popped out several times until I got the hang of it. Soon,
I was screwing like a rabbit as my little balls pulled up in their soft
sac. I was feeling a lot of pressure lolicon forum hq free
in my balls and the rubber seemed to
shrink around my shaft. I grunted a bit and told Grandpa I needed to
spurt. He yelled to keep it in and keep fucking and just let it shoot into
the rubber like Carl had. I really started to short stroke then it just
blew. My little jets of boy cum began to spit out and I could feel real
warm liquid around my knob. "Oh Grandpa, it felt so good!" I squealed as my little dick slipped
from his butt. There was a lot less cum in the rubber than when Carl had
spurted, but I was real proud of my accomplishment. I started to reach for
the rubber, but Grandpa interrupted. "Son, I want you to keep that rubber on, you're going to need it
still. Now, get over to that roping dummy and bend over the head and hold
onto the sawhorse!" I walked over to the roping dummy, which was just a plastic steer
head with horns bolted to a wooden sawhorse. I bent over the head and felt
my still hard, condom-covered peter press against the warm plastic. I
clutched the long wooden piece and forum board lolicon 3d waited to get bred by my Grandpa. I
knew it was coming, but I was really scared. Mr. Carl walked up with his
pants up, but the fly open and his white jockey shorts showing through the
fly. He had some grease of some kind on his fingers and immediately shoved
his index finger into my tender boy hole. I jumped and yelped a bit, but
it felt good. Soon, a second finger entered and began to stretch my
sphincter. I felt the fingers leave and Mr. Carl walked around in front of
me and grinned. "Boy, your Paw Paw is going to breed you like a bitch in heat!"
chortled Mr. Carl. I looked behind me and saw Grandpa Earl walking towards me with his
cock swinging back and forth between his legs. His hairy balls hung low in
their sac. He gave his penis a couple strokes and his cock began to swell
to its full 8-inch length. His girth was substantial too and the knob
popped free and let loose a big long strand of precum that landed in his
underpants. I looked index lolitas nude gallery at his ample balls in their big sac and marveled at
the salt and pepper pubic hairs that covered his old balls. How much cum
is in there? "Ok boy, it ain't gonna be easy the first time so hold on and just
try and relax now" I felt his firm hands spread my cheeks and a fat knob prodded my
hole. He gripped my hips and rammed the knob past my sphincter. I cried
out and felt his weight on my back as he drove 8 whole inches of solid
flesh up my rear end. I whimpered and moaned at the burning and size of
his pole splitting me apart, but at the same time it hurt so good! "Now boy, I'm gonna breed you like a woman and you'll take it,
here? Fill you with a load of a real man's sperm so you know what that
cock of yours can do. Carl, feed the boy some of your dick." Carl held his cock out for me to take into my model pre nu loli tender mouth. I
reached for it and pulled back his foreskin and revealed the glistening
tip. I licked and sucked the cock to life and soon I was gagging on 7
inches of old man cock and 8 inches beginning to breed my clenching tunnel.
Grandpa Earl was slowly stroking his big peter in and out. I could feel
the foreskin bunch up on the backstroke and the then the big plum distend
on the down stroke. My boy peter was painfully hard and pressed
uncomfortably into the plastic steer head. My warm cum sloshed around my
tip which helped, but Grandpa told me to quit bitching and take my breeding
like a man. I gurgled ok and kept sucking to get Carl's old cum in my
belly. Grandpa began to really hammer my ass, which was begging for
release, but clutching the 8 inches of meat as hard as possible. Grandpa
Earl's big balls pressed against me and I knew he was going to fill my
little tunnel with his sticky milk. I knew I was going to burst soon as my
balls were pulled taut in my boy scrotum. Grandpa started to slam into me
and my hips began hunching forward as my second orgasm surged through my
penis. More cum filled the rubber. My second cum was definitely more
substantial, of course having your Grandpa's 8 incher buried in you might
help! I felt Mr. Carl began to fuck my face and I wanted to taste more cum
and I was rewarded with his bellowing and a mouth full of hot sticky ropes
of his sperm. His cum kept spurting in my mouth and I tried to swallow it
all, but a lot ended up running down my cheeks. I heard Grandpa Earl
moaning and groaning and felt his strokes kick into high gear. My poor
rear end was so sore but I was on cloud nine. I clutched down on the big
peter in my tunnel and grandpa suddenly stopped stroking and just held his
boner pressed all the way inside me. I felt the shaft and tip swell and
then he coated my insides with streamers of his seamen. Shot after shot of
cum pumped into me as I was bred. He collapsed heavily on top of me as his
peter shrank down and plopped out with a wet noise.
Let me know if you enjoyed this. All comments welcome. Email me at lolita pics ls island
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